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May 16, 2022 Detail of the Tokyo concert/contest uploaded.

June 12, 2021 Unheard Note Piano Concert 2021 Video uploaded.

Dec 17 2018 New YouTube video uploaded.

Dec 11 2018 Our New York event was featured on NHK TV in Japan.

Dec 10 2018 The overall result of 2018 New York uploaded.

Nov 16 2018 New English flyer is available now.


Oct 15 2018 The list of competitors for New York uploaded.

Jan 10 2018 The 4th UNHEARD NOTES (qualifying competition) video uploaded

Dec 25 2017 The 4th UNHEARD NOTES is postponed.

Oct 02 2017 Schedule changed. See the above.

Sep 8 2017 The detail & application and flyer of "Concert Introducing American and Japanese Pianists with Disabilities Nov29" uploaded. (Detail/Application) (Flyer)

Aug 17 2017 The application form for Pianopara at Washington DC uploaded.

April 11 2017 The detail of the Pianopara at Washington DC 2018 uploaded.

April 04 2017 Our logo has become new and fresh. May our wish for peace will come forever through piano music!

2017 Committee Member List (PDF)

June 04 2106 The Road to Wien uploaded.

June 04 2106 Member List uploaded.

Oct 14 2015 Brouchure, video uploaded.

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Feb 03 2015 New website released.

Charity Concert on 26th, June 2018

"The Charity Concert aimed for the UNHEARD NOTES in USA"

Thank you very much for coming to the event. Pictures

June 12, 2021

Unheard Note Piano Concert 2021 Video
(Held on May 8, 2021)



January 10, 2018

Let's aim for
the 4th UNHEARD NOTES Piano Para Festival in Washington D.C. USA 2018
(Held on November 29, 2017)



November 8, 2016

Let's aim to
the 4 th UNHEARD NOTES Piano Para Festival in Washington D.C. USA 2017



Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Unheard Notes Piano Festival in Wien

Medalist Concerts



Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan in Japan
Organized by
Committee of International Piano Festival by People with Disabilities




December 3, 2007

Piano Paralimpics Demonstration Concert in New York




Do you refrain from playing the piano due to a disability?

The 4th Washington D.C. UNHEARD NOTES Piano para in U.S.A. 2018 is an international piano music festival for pianists who have overcome great challenge. We are encouraging all pianists with a disability to communicate that challenge themselves to express their musical .feelings through the piano and share the enjoyment of making music with the audience. It shall not be forgotten that Ludwig van Beethoven who became deaf has left us a great inheritance of his music. The career of one of the greatest pianist Paul Wttgenstein who had lost his right hand in World War 1,was reborn as the "Pianist of the Left Hand ",and remains as one of the greatest pianist in the history of music. The famous Japanese Koto Player (Koto is a traditional Japanese string. instrument). Michio Miyagi, who had a visual disability, is well known for having laid the foundations of this Japanese instrument and has given the roots to Japanese traditional music.Beautiful and heartfelt music can be produced by a sensitive and keen artist even with a hearing impairment, a pianist with one hand, or a pianist who creates music with just a single finger. We would like to welcome all and establish a world-wide piano music festival filed with new ideas to overcome the impossibilities. Let us say that the possibilities of the human ability are unlimited.The real purpose is not to compete for superiority but to encourage, appreciate and praise special skills through music and to bring awareness of such achievements to the general public. Through this kind of international exchange we also believe that we can contribute to World Peace.

Aug 2018 Promotion Video


1. To increase knowledge of the disabilities around us.
2. To learn, encourage the possibilities and exchange information about each disability.
3. To recognize the vast possibilities and to enhance the creative training among those with disabilities.
4 To search, nurture and to support new talents.
5 To promote Musical Leaders, consolidate talent information, and promote these talents with performance engagements.
6 To enhance each individuality, and learn about different culture through music
7. To return the benefits of the experiences to society.
8. To support International Piano Paralympics as an opportunity to get together and lean from each other
9. To open the eyes to the worldwide community and hope for peace.